Musician Tarekegn Mulu is about to return to his job

When words fail, music communicates to everyone and is understood everywhere, fostering social harmony. Unquestionably, music is a gift that unites people on a worldwide level. It is a form of art with a focus on interpersonal relationships. In order to collaborate on music with some young individuals who have severe mental and learning problems, I am currently traveling to Sweden. We will interact, create, and celebrate through sound and music despite distance and a lack of verbal exchange. By the instruments they play, a shared passion of a certain musical genre, and the spine-tingling sounds of a powerful orchestral crescendo, music has the power to unite individuals. We’ve all been known to dance irrationally to the beat of a drum or sing passionately to support our favorite sports team. The brain is stimulated by music, which helps with memory, stress reduction, and pain alleviation. According to a Harvard study, listening to soothing music after working out can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, it can elevate mood, lessen anxiety, and, by bringing people together, it can be a remedy for social isolation and loneliness. Additionally, I’ve witnessed firsthand how music may help dementia patients connect with loved ones even after all other forms of communication have failed.

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