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My boy friend and I broke up after 8 years

To begin with, you can attract a loving person because you have what it takes, even if you haven’t always recognized it. However, you must support your qualities and insecurities by loving them as well, or otherwise you will always come from a place of lack or unworthiness. The bond is always broken at this point. The bond will no longer be severed if you heal your brokenness. Admit your anxieties and shortcomings, because when you do, they transform into something lovable, and instead of being a barrier, they become a bridge to wholeness.
Everyone has flaws and insecurities. Don’t believe you’re the only one that feels this way. You must choose not to hide behind manufactured images, bluster, and a fictitious version of the truth. Second, the person you cared about attempted to return your affection. When they departed, they mirrored unavailability, which you couldn’t see in yourself. You were someone with whom they ran into a brick wall, and smart people know what to do when they do. They get up and leave. That is the present they have bestowed upon you. It’s time to pause and think. To be aware of this. It’s important to recognize it and work on it. This guy demonstrated that without an equal playing field, no one could score. What we all need to realize is that when we are linked to someone in a healthy, loving way, it is much easier to live with bad days and flaws.

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