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“My dream is to become a doctor” Gash Tadesse, who Joined University at the age of 69

As long as he works hard, your grandson will be just fine in school. Academic success necessitates good study habits, self-assurance, and the ability to establish friends. In addition, studies show that children who have supportive families are more likely to do well in school. When it comes to helping your grandchildren with their schoolwork, what strategies do you employ? What can you do to boost their self-esteem and self-belief in their ability to learn? What can you do to help them make friends if they’re having trouble? You can help your grandchildren with their academics by following these simple tips. These suggestions are basic. Youngsters can benefit from doing homework as a way to learn. One of the fundamental purposes of homework is to give students an opportunity to practice, reinforce, or further develop skills that they have been taught during the course of the school day. Children learn the importance of homework when they have a “homework time” set aside just for them. Determining an agreed-upon end time ahead of time helps to eliminate ambiguity and confusion. By taking into account their age and how much homework they generally have, we can decide the length of the session. Younger children, on the other hand, typically demand less time than older ones. Explain to the pupils that they must complete their schoolwork during the quiet time. Reading a book or working on a science project that they are interested in is a good use of free time if your kids don’t have any schoolwork to do at night.

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