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My ex-wife and I are best friends now

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It’s normal to wonder if you can remain friends with your ex if your relationship ends amicably. After all, this person is presumably someone you actually like and like being with, and who you most likely have common interests, values, and experiences with. Giving up what you had may have felt like tossing out the baby with the bathwater because you two knew that a romantic connection wouldn’t work. Yes, you may still maintain a friendship with your ex. Depending on the circumstances and the parties concerned, it may or may not be a smart idea. Others discover that attempting to stay friends with their ex-partners results in unnecessarily messy or even traumatic situations. Some people are able to maintain good, positive connections with their ex-partners without any trouble or complications. Sometimes a couple discovers they aren’t compatible as love partners, but there are still important components of their connection that can be well-maintained through a friendship. When other aspects of the relationship were beneficial to your development, growth, or life goals, she says, “becoming friends with your ex can be a smart choice.” “Creating a genuine friendship could succeed if you and your ex decide that you make better business partners, exercise partners, or friends, and you are able to keep healthy boundaries with each other.” She continues by saying that having children with your ex-partner can be extremely advantageous. Although she claims that friendships aren’t necessary for good co-parenting, they might make the home life of the parents and children simpler. It may also offer greater flexibility in managing timetables, behavior problems, and information flow generally. Having said that, maintaining a friendship with an ex-spouse might occasionally make it more difficult to move on following a breakup if there are any unresolved sexual feelings between you two or if conflict occurs when you both start dating other individuals.

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