My family loves her more….I use to like him like a brother

Once more, his response would show how serious he is about the relationship as well as whether he is considering the long run. if he mentions having a wife and children in the future. This particular query is excellent for determining his level of concern for children. Even if both parties desire children, there is still a significant gap between those who desire children and those who are prepared. If he declares that he would jump on board right away, it indicates that his sentiments are sincere and true. However, if he admits to having some uncertainty, then there is cause for concern. After all, how can you fully commit to something unless you are certain of it? You can learn a lot from that response. Although it’s not a particularly trick question, he will still have to give some thought to his response before he answers. This will cause him to pause and reflect on previous comments he may have made whenever he may have compared you to other women. Some guys have a particular trait they enjoy in every woman they date or even just see. This is a simple way to get him to tell you without asking him directly if there is anything specific about your body that he likes. Since we all have flaws, this is a little tricky because he might mention more than one thing. He might also compliment you on your sense of humor or smile, which is always nice to hear. But if he starts describing your flaws, it’s probably time for some introspection. Would you spend every last penny on me? If your boyfriend responds positively, it means that he values you above money and other things.

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