My family really love my new hair cut

Back to School obviously means getting back to the grind. Numerous forms to fill out, assignments to finish, timetables and appointments, on-the-go meals, and constant checking in. It’s not necessary to be that way. Even the busiest family can benefit from some quality time spent together, relaxing, and playing. Your family will not only be happier and closer together, but you will also profit in other aspects of your life and put your children on the path to success. The benefits of playtime for young children and their parents are numerous. Additionally, it is how youngsters of all ages develop and practice the “soft skills” that will help them throughout their lives, such as creativity, empathy, and social skills. Learn to welcome the blank calendar rather than fear it. Unplanned time is not time that is wasted—far from it! We have made many of our greatest discoveries and most treasured memories while spending time together. Consider having dinner outside or allowing family members to prepare or schedule meals alternately. Invite another family, ideally one that hasn’t attended your child’s school before. Spend a Saturday day discovering a new neighborhood. Whenever the timer reaches 12:34, have everyone make a wish. Use inexpensive instruments to create music together, or play “Freeze Dance” to a song (play music and alternately yell out “freeze” to cause dancers to stop in amusing postures). Try something new and uncomfortable. Children will adore you for it! Whatever you do, as long as you enjoy it together, doesn’t really matter.

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