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Large career goals are important, but you also need smaller, more manageable goals that you can achieve on a weekly or monthly basis to move you closer to the future career you envision. If your larger objective is to obtain your first IMDB credit, some manageable short-term objectives for the coming week or month might include submitting to online auditions on a daily basis, improving your self-tape setup, or honing your audition techniques by enrolling in online classes. All of these things are doable and obtainable and will ultimately help move you towards that first credit. There is a lot to learn if you are totally new to the industry! Set aside some time each week to read about the business or network with other performers and business people who can offer helpful insider knowledge and help advance your career. This book explores the key distinctions between acting on stage and for the camera. You get a behind-the-scenes look at things like shots, framing, and techniques directors employ to fit everything into a rectangular format. If you don’t want to appear to be a total newbie, the book also covers some of the terms and expressions you will hear on movie and television sets. Facebook groups are also a great place to start and relatively simple access for business networking. You can connect with people in the industry who might be difficult to reach otherwise, in addition to other actors. Agents, managers and even casting directors post, share and comment every day.

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