My friend wore my wedding dress

When it comes to strangers, we’re ready to extend charity by holding doors open or giving up our seats on public transport. But what about the individuals we care about? Small acts of kindness are a crucial component if you’re wondering how to express your affection for someone without using words. They will feel more loved if you do something as easy as pull a chair out for them at dinner, buy their favourite candy bar at the gas station, or offer them a cup of tea while you make your own. It won’t take much more work to incorporate these into your daily activities, but doing so will show your partner that you are constantly considering them. Refrain from speaking. We don’t intend to suggest that you stop communicating with your spouse altogether or give them the silent treatment, but try practising just listening to what they have to say instead of adding your own commentary. Communication of love and affection can be greatly influenced by how you listen to your partner. Giving your spouse your whole attention while you are chatting to them sends the signal that they are important. Your partner will know you’re genuinely interested in them if you show interest in the topics they care about.

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