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My grandmother and father at last met

For a variety of reasons, fathers may be absent from their children’s lives. When a father’s relationship with his child breaks down, he may lose all contact with his child. In other circumstances, official adoption may have broken the link between a birth father and his child. Perhaps you’d like to contact your father now, or he’d wish to contact you. If you want to contact your father but don’t know where to look, you’ll have to go on a quest. Understand that this search may take a long time and may not result in a meeting with your father. If you were adopted, look into the laws that govern your adoption records. You might be able to obtain your father’s name by obtaining an original birth certificate. These registries enable parents and adopted children who want to connect to post their information. The registries can then make contact easier. Be wary of broadening your search to include social media in general. Maintain privacy settings on your accounts so that you may control how much information you reveal if you find your father.

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