“My husband and kids do not support me…”an interview with Ato Ashenafi

Family is the most significant thing in this world. When family members lend a hand to one another, a relationship is formed that cannot be severed. This is particularly true when it comes to parenting. Family members must therefore always be willing to lend a hand to one another, no matter what the circumstance. In today’s culture, it is simple to forget about family and become lost in the shuffle. Finding time to spend with loved ones might be challenging due to work and other obligations. Making time for family, though, is crucial whenever you can. Family time is important, whether it be spending time together at meals or taking family trips. Helping family members also provides a good example for kids, which is a significant factor. Children learn the value of supporting one another when they observe their parents and other family members doing so. This makes for a solid family structure that will last for many years. Therefore, keep this in mind the next time you consider aiding a family member. In addition to strengthening your relationship with them, you will be providing a positive example for coming generations. The advantages of aiding family members are numerous. It mostly strengthens the bonds between family members. Strong relationships are more likely to develop when people assist one another.

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