My husband is my strength and my pride

Accept change as it comes. Nobody, nor should they, stay the same for 25 years. On sometimes, you could feel as though the person you formerly married has changed. However, if fundamental principles, ethics, and values form the bedrock of a person’s character, then advancement can enhance marital contentment rather than detract from it. Many things between you and your relationship should and will be shared, but it’s crucial to maintain your independence and avoid being too enamored with your partner. Not every interest or acquaintance must be shared. In actuality, a marriage remains vibrant when the parties maintain independent contacts and interests. Take each blow as it comes. You have to continually reinventing your relationship to endure what has been thrown at you, as this last year has demonstrated. Never feel like you’re too old to alter up your marital “roles”; by doing so, you’ll gain a new perspective on your spouse. Always pay attention to your spouse’s priorities, and if you disagree, try to find a middle ground. Each couple has many goals and dreams for their future life together, along with their family and friends. But getting married happily is by no means an easy journey. And many couples decide not to finish the voyage, as today’s divorce rates all too clearly show. It would be simple to attribute our high rate of divorce on neglecting to spend enough time together, allowing resentment and hatred to fester, and failing to maintain open channels of communication. You can learn how to enhance these and numerous other aspects of your relationship from a variety of books, articles, and seminars. Although spending quality time together, forgiving one another, and having open lines of communication are essential to a happy marriage, if these things aren’t happening, it’s typically an indication of a much bigger issue. Furthermore, no amount of external behavior modification will be effective unless this issue is resolved.

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