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my life is full of challenge

It appears self-evident to “be a good role model.” But saying it is easier than doing it. Remember the last time your child pushed and pushed until you finally yelled? If we don’t want our children to lose it when they are pushed to their limits (duties, homework, vegetables, etc. ), we must demonstrate how to control our emotions and calmly deal with things that irritate us. It’s challenging, but our children are keeping an eye on us. We must model ourselves after the person we want our children to become. Children cannot be spoiled by love. Only things we do or give in the name of love, or, worse, in the absence of love, have the potential to do so. Many parents are concerned about their children’s grades and extracurricular activities, such as ensuring that their children study, do their homework, and arrive on time for soccer practice or dancing lessons. But, all too often, we overlook another aspect of a child’s growth and development: being a good person. Being a good person is just as vital, if not more so, than being a good student. It’s easy to overlook the necessity of combating our society’s ubiquitous messages of quick pleasure, consumerism, and selfishness.

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