“My life with my landlord” new short comedy drama

Make every voice louder. while those voices continue to spew puns, jokes, and riddles! The aim of the comedy group Felt Nowt is to achieve this. This small company is bringing comedy clubs to North East England’s underserved comedic regions in order to grow local economies as well as gigs and laughs. According to Positive News, the pandemic compelled gig comedians to band together in order to promote their services and plan online gigs. While live comedy venues were closed, a group of comedians established the comedy collective Felt Nowt. However, the collaboration didn’t stop there. The comedians who made up Felt Nowt continued to collaborate with the goal of bringing laughter to regions without their own comedy venues as physical venues reopened. For instance, Felt Nowt assisted in setting up a comedy club in Whitley Bay, England, last year. Additionally, they are currently bringing the fun to Sunderland’s Dun Cow pub. Giving every comedian a voice is the goal here. We are demonstrating the strength of a union of comedians working together as well as the power of numbers. However, they soon changed into something more potent. Felt Nowt made the decision to spread comedy to areas without comedy clubs after collaborating with experts at the North East Business and Innovation Centre. They were assisted in creating their business plan and maximizing their impact on the community by Kevin Marquis, a manager at the BIC. He characterized the organization as having a “social heart.” Comedy has the power to transform people’s relationships, mental health, and confidence in all kinds of situations. Our motivation is to provide our community with these advantages.

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