My love is real love….it is not a prank

Romantic love can feel wonderful. There is a reason that throughout the ages of human history, love has been a major theme in so many stories. Even though, love isn’t perfect all the time. Real life is frequently unpredictable, annoying, and even painful. While it undoubtedly has many of rewards, these advantages typically need some serious dedication and a readiness to accept some obstacles as a necessary part of the process. When you love someone, you decide to feed those early sensations of attraction and strengthen them so they can withstand future stresses. Sometimes the work may not seem simple. But for many, the investment is well worth it in exchange for a lasting, loving relationship. It’s a common adage that you can always tell when someone loves you. The foundation of a meaningful relationship is safety. A loving companion won’t physically abuse you or harm your possessions. Additionally, they won’t force you to make decisions for yourself, threaten you, or isolate you from your social network. Feeling secure also implies being able to speak your mind without worrying about how others would react. When you express your thoughts and objectives, you get support rather than insults or criticism. Everybody gets annoyed and angry occasionally, but there are constructive methods to vent rage.

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