My mom is one of the strongest, kind and sweet person I know

Ree Drummond is fortunate to have three sons, not just one or two. Bryce, a star on the football field, is there. Then there is Todd, the group’s “baby,” who still manages to tower over the other Drummond team members. The “bodacious, bright, brilliant” foster son of Ree is Jamar. It follows that she, like many other mothers, is likely to experience some sentimentality on Mother’s Day. Mother and son relationships are among the most sacred in the world (mother and daughter are the exception, of course). You’re in the right place, teary moms: To help you transform your sentimentality into pure poetry, here is a collection of mother-son quotes. Just consider this lovely statement by Abraham Lincoln: “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” You’re sure to find something here that fits the bill, whether you’re looking for a cute Mother’s Day Instagram caption to share with the world how fortunate you feel to be the mom of boys or simply want to read through some cute sayings in advance of that Sunday in May. Some of these quotes are so excellent that they could almost serve as Mother’s Day presents in and of themselves! Also, funny moms, don’t worry: Among our discoveries, there are undoubtedly some amusing mom jokes. (Getting the boys to make you a fantastic Mother’s Day brunch now is a real challenge!) This commenting area was imported onto this page by a third party, who also created and maintains it.

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