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My mother doesn’t speak to me because of him

“Love necessitates giving up something.” You’ll hear it in power ballads, see it embroidered on throw pillows, and read it on Pinterest.
Here’s one viewpoint: On occasion, love involves sacrifice. However, love is more of a compromise than a sacrifice in general. It doesn’t matter how compatible two people are or how much they have in common; they will never always agree. There will always be arguments, even if they agree 99.9% of the time. Life does not always go according to plan. Things happen that you can’t control. You’ll have to make concessions and compromises if you disagree or hit a cosmic speed bump. In its most literal sense, the phrase “love is sacrifice” means that if you want to stay with the person you love, you must sacrifice something. That is, without a question, true at times. If your partner’s parent falls ill, they may decide to move in with you or return home to care for them. While it is a difficult sacrifice to make, it is one that will benefit both you and your partner.
Love, on the other hand, does not always require a price to be paid. If your partner’s actions suggest that you should put your mental health, emotional well-being, integrity, or safety at danger, you have the right to say no or even walk away.

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