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“my mother is my role model” Model Anna Getaneh

What you must accept is the fact that you will never be a perfect mother. Do your best and take time to enjoy your daughter. Keep in mind how lucky you are to have your daughter. Frances, an 83-year-old mother from North Port, Florida, says that when an aunt told her years ago, “You haven’t lived until you have a daughter,” she was telling the truth. Frances was the mother of a son at the time, and it took her eleven years to conceive her second child, a daughter. Keep in mind that you are not your daughter’s exclusive influence. There are plenty others. Even the famous Dr. Spock eventually stated in his life that we can’t know for sure how or why a child develops the way he or she does. Keep in mind that you’re there to help your daughter reach her full potential for happiness and self-sufficiency. You may help by serving as a sounding board, a cheerleader, and a buddy. You must demonstrate that you are always on her side. You must also appreciate and discipline her in a way that provides reasonable and achievable goals. We even take our mothers for granted at times. For many of us, however, she is the best role model we will ever have. She has not only raised you, but she has also been your personal coach throughout your life path, caring for you when you had chicken pox, and constantly fighting for you. There’s a lot you can learn from her in terms of confidence, elegance, and attitude. Your pals may believe that your mother is the sweetest and kindest person they’ve ever met. However, you are well aware that this could not be further from the truth. Your mother has the kind of sass that would make Daniel Craig blush. For example, when your Art teacher in Year 8 warned her that you lacked artistic ability, she verbally scolded her.

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