My mother said I was a cry baby when I was a child

Oh, the happiness of raising a son. Oh, the suffering of raising a son! A son will warm your heart with his crooked grin and dandelion presented to you from sticky fingers one minute and overwhelm you with his noise and chaos the next. Due to their latest outrageous adventure or death-defying feat, boys have the ability to simultaneously grip your heart with fear and fill it with pride. At different times in their lives, sons will run hard and fast away from you before quickly turning around if they sense that you, their mother, need assistance. And you love them with every fiber of your being, no matter what, no matter how crazy their antics or annoying their behavior. Since the moment you became aware of their existence, they have found a way into your heart, and nothing on earth can expel them from there. Relationships with sons and having a son are frequently two very different things. One just occurs. The other was purposefully constructed. Finding ways to connect presents its own challenges because mothers and sons can have quite different likes and dislikes. Additionally, a mother’s relationship with her son can be very different from her relationship with her daughter. You can nurture the mother-son relationship you’ve always envisioned at every stage. Burke explains that each stage builds on the one before it, even though she does not single out one as being more important than the other. The kind of connection you can make with a young child by reading to them, cuddling them, and playing at their level serves as the foundation for shared activities when they are in elementary school and helping them with their homework when they are in junior high.

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