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My name was Helen and he was looking for Rabia

Everyone is capable of overcoming hardship and perhaps even prospering as a result. You might get stronger and more resilient as a result.
Adversity is a challenge, difficult circumstance, or bad luck. No matter who they are or what path they take in life, it can happen to anyone. Adversity can be brief and specific, such as getting passed over for a promotion or having to deal with an acute accident or illness. Or it might be more complicated and pervasive, like being poor, struggling in one’s career, or losing a loved one. Adversity isn’t always easy to overcome, and the process goes much deeper than generalizations about how to overcome obstacles by adopting the right attitude. The right mindset can be helpful, but you will probably need to try various methods before you find the one that works best for you. You can shift responsibility and downplay your own contribution to the current situation by making excuses. Even though some things may be out of your control, your response can still have an impact on how things turn out. Examining your personal responses as well as any behaviors that contributed to the current circumstance may help you identify practical next moves. Overly pessimistic thinking might result in a psychological phenomena called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Studies from the past, like one from 2014, have suggested that perception may eventually assist shape a future reality. You might be able to shift your perspective from one that is negative to one that is positive by using visualization, encouraging words to yourself, mindfulness meditation, and other techniques. They might also have an impact on a better future.

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