“My new song is about my husband” singer Meski

Every young girl through phases of dreaming of her prince charming. She imagines her future spouse’s characteristics, including his personality. She tends to be more focused on his appearance than on his personality features or how she feels around him at this age. She doesn’t know what real life or true love are like at this point. She then turns her attention to organizing the party. She makes decisions on her wedding attire, the venue for the ceremony, and the flowers and colors she wants to use. She sometimes makes decisions about what she wants without considering the expense as she gets older. I had had a lot of ideas for my wedding by the time I met my husband. When my wedding day finally arrived, I had nothing of the sort: no clothing, no color scheme, no church, no celebration. We ultimately went to our neighborhood courtroom and appeared before a judge there. If we wanted to be able to buy the house we had always wanted, we couldn’t afford the wedding I had always imagined. In the end, I received nothing I had hoped for.

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