My new year plan is to get married

When is the proper time to have The Relationship Talk with someone you’ve been dating for approximately a month? If he isn’t interested in making a commitment, I don’t want to continue seeing him and I want to know where this is headed. I don’t want to frighten him off, though, by coming off as desperate or overly serious too soon. Oh, I do recall that sensation! being interested in someone enough to want to start something serious, but feeling emotionally lost and uncertain of where they stand mentally It’s a strange spot because, on the one hand, you’ve already invested your heart and don’t want to lose what seems so promising. On the other hand, if he isn’t prepared to commit, you want to hold onto what little emotion you still have. Then, what if he actually claims that he isn’t yet ready to commit? Do you wait and see if he arrives? Or abandon the project before expending additional energy and time? You can feel like you’re caught in the middle of a dilemma throughout this conversation. So how do you explain it, preferably in a way that draws him in rather than repels him? The truth is that your potential spouse shouldn’t be turned off by your readiness to be open about your plans and ambitions, and that by being honest about your goals, you’re more likely to acquire them sooner.

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