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My son will be 22 now…I didn’t have anyone

Every parent has made mistakes as a parent. I recently disciplined my son harshly and felt awful about it. Even while we may be equipped to do so, it might feel impossible to remain cool when our children are acting up, often for the silliest reasons. It’s crucial to mend broken relationships after challenging parenting situations. This strengthens our bond with our kids, prevents trust gaps from forming, and teaches them how to have empathy—a quality that is difficult to acquire through instruction. Spending time talking about our regrets teaches our kids how to admit when we are wrong and how our errors affect other people. Whatever helps you relax, such as eating, taking a shower, going for a stroll, or closing your eyes for a while. Allow the sadness, rage, or fear to pass on their own time. Your personality will determine how this occurs because some people prefer to talk, sing, or express their emotions via art, while others prefer to move around.
After everyone has had some time to gather their thoughts, ask your youngster to speak with you. Start by gently opening the communication channel without making immediate eye contact (at first). Invite your child to listen to you calmly. You can try saying something like, “Hey, I made a mistake and would like to chat to you about that,” if there is a closed door between you and your older child. Please let me in. If you can, take a seat next to her as you enter. Sit close by if she’s seated in a chair that won’t accommodate both of you.

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