“My son you look older than me..”

Families are significant to people for a variety of crucial reasons. The idea of a family tends to evolve with time, but typically it refers to a group of individuals who are related to one another and/or reside together. Strong familial ties can be extremely advantageous for society and for individuals, just like many other healthy social interactions. Family support is significant to people for a variety of reasons, the most of which are connected to one’s own wellbeing. Family is important to people because it can improve one’s physical, emotional, and mental health, and because it provides benefits to people that cannot be found elsewhere. Having a close relationship with your family may be good for your health. People who appreciated their family and friends and created those crucial links and connections had higher overall health. For young people who have been exposed to violence, family bonds have been demonstrated to reduce stress by enhancing self-esteem and lowering anxiety. In difficult times, this close bond can provide a sense of belonging and serve as a shield. Strong familial relationships help people better develop coping skills so they can handle the stresses life throws their way. Family meals have many advantages, and one of those advantages is that everyone’s diet improves. Families who share meals had healthier diets that include eating breakfast, lots of fruits and vegetables, and fewer processed foods. This is true for all age groups. For teenagers, these nutritious dietary choices lay a foundation that endures for up to five years.

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