My wife is upset I tattooed her name on my chest

Maybe you’re considering getting a tattoo in memory of your own kid or father. When there are so many memories that may be written down in ink, it can be difficult to come up with just one idea. How, even without including the joyful moments, do you capture all of the genuine ideals and qualities? I’ve put together a list of the top 50 best father-son tattoos for men to help you. You can find realistic moments like spending time together while casting lines into lakes, or having private conversations of encouragement. Not to mention some truly avant-garde design concepts like tattoos of kid’s artwork and, of course, traditional designs like a son’s hand print. Tattoos done traditionally in black and gray have a timeless quality that is very impossible to achieve with vivid colors. The best of these tattoos evoke memories of old photographs and black-and-white film that have been retrieved from forgotten drawers and dusty cupboards. The modest nature of this strategy makes it perfect for powerful tributes to a father’s love for his son. These are excellent illustrations of the style that show the creative potential of black and gray ink. These artists are able to express these deeply felt emotional moments by using completely saturated black ink, slick gray wash coloring, and contrast-creating negative space.

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