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Naod Tube Daily Ethiopian News May 6 – Breaking News, 2021

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The Oromia Police Commission demonstrates past 1,000 police oromies having been found with OLF. Likewise, Chane expressed to plan for congruity and security in the territory, the fairness and limit of optional authorities and the acknowledgment of the law of the political choice was given.

It additionally centered around the way that the public authority reinforces its endeavors to guarantee concordance and strength in the country during the political choice. Tigray Chairman of the Democratic Party, Aregawi Berhe said his social occasion was getting ready for the political race, particularly after the fall of the TPLF Tyrant.

“As of now, the situation is extraordinary and we can without interlocking future choices.” However, the power of agreement in the region is earnest so we transparently imparted our sentiments, move with networks, actually like the social occasion program, he added.

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