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Nardos Adane Wedding ceremony

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Nardos is a popular Ethiopian entertainer who is known on Fana TV dramatization genuine “Tirita”. From that point forward she won’t ever think back. She has performed on numerous motion pictures and she never baffled her fans.

As an entertainer she approaches numerous chances yet she is saved as usual and she is quite possibly the most deciplined in her workplace.

Ethiopia welcomes Sudan and Egypt to trade data before the finishing of the subsequent dam

The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr. Sileshi Bekele, has welcomed Sudan and Egypt to trade data before the fulfillment of the subsequent dam.

In a letter to the water priests, he approached the two nations to select an agent to trade data on the dam’s finishing.

In his letter, the priest said the greeting depended on an understanding came to by an autonomous gathering of specialists from the three nations.

He said the development of the dam and the moving toward summer season are critical to cooperate on issues of shared revenue.

He said the arrangement of representatives will empower them to trade precise data and construct trust in the African Union-expedited exchanges.

As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the three nations have expressed in their letter that the filling of the dam is as per Article An of the MoU came to in January 2015.

Filling of the dam will happen in July and August, and might be stretched out until September.

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