Natural remedy to remove dark spots and melasma

Chloasma, another name for melasma, is a common skin condition. It happens to women during pregnancy and is occasionally referred to as the “mask of pregnancy.” The disorder, which is brought on by elements including birth control, menopause, and pregnancy, typically goes away on its own. Dermatologists can also treat it, but there isn’t a long-term solution for this skin condition. If you want to treat it in a way that is more healthful. 90% of cases are in women, who are more likely to have the disorder, which results in dark, brown areas on your skin. Darker than the skin’s normal hue, the areas of discolouration. Melasma is characterized by its facial location and symmetrical pattern, with identical spots on both sides of the face. This illness can also affect other parts of your body, particularly those that are exposed to the sun. Although the skin darkening is not physically hazardous, it can be unsightly. Melasma is more common in women with dark and dusky skin tones than with light or wheat-colored skin. For the majority of cases, skin sensitivity to estrogen and progesterone has been implicated. These hormones’ levels can be altered by birth control tablets, pregnancy, and menopause, making them all risk factors for the skin disease. Melanin levels in your skin are known to be disturbed by UV radiation, which causes more pigment to be produced in particular regions of the skin. Melasma in women can also be brought on by stress and thyroid conditions, two more prevalent causes of skin problems.

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