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We at BASF Automotive Solutions are pleased to introduce the release of our virtual automobile. This new interactive tool presents BASF’s broad portfolio of automotive solutions to help customers continue to innovate and advance the mobility industry. These solutions range from engineering plastics and coatings to cathode materials, fuels and lubricants, and more. To find the BASF solutions that will best meet their needs, automotive OEMs, engineers, designers, and developers can use the virtual car to explore by specific materials or material properties, across vehicle segments, by various powertrains, or by industry topic. Senior specialist design consultant at BASF Alex Horisberger oversaw the creation of the virtual car. Alex, who has experience working with engineers and a background in product design, coordinated efforts across BASF’s international teams to make sure the virtual car is a tool that is both technically sound and aesthetically appealing. Alex elaborates on the virtual car and how it can motivate those who are working to change the industry in the interview that follows. The virtual automobile is intended to demonstrate to automakers how BASF materials can assist in addressing industry problems. Beyond its practical use, the elegant design aims to encourage and inspire engineers and designers to find fresh ways to apply their material expertise to the most difficult problems. We are aware of how quickly things are changing in the automotive industry. That is why modern automobiles lack any fad-like or fashionable components. Additionally, it is intended to be a long-term substitute rather than a real vehicle that can be built. Since we are experts in materials and chemical solutions, we already know that OEMs are skilled in the production of automobiles. Automakers can explore and realize all the potential for innovation using our products using our virtual car, which functions as a playground for them.

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