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New Ethiopian music Dishta Gina Tariku ft Akon REMIX

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The global craftsman Akon remix Dishta Gina. Still recollect the response an Ethiopian migration official had when my companions ventured out to Rwanda, just after Rwanda’s strategy of giving visas on appearance to all African residents had recently become effective. Subsequent to being puzzled by my Ethiopian identification holding companion’s “guarantee” that she will get a visa on appearance in Kigali, the movement official advised her “For what reason would they do that?

That implies anybody can simply go to their nation” and my companion’s response was, “precisely, they need individuals to visit their country”. While applying for visas, the entirety of the African government offices, correspondingly to non-African ones, expect one to give individual ledger proclamations, paying little heed to who funds the excursion.

“It is to show that you are joined to your country,” they say, each time I pose the inquiry. I recollect that during one of my visa application measures, the lady in the office was saying that one needs to essentially have 60 000 birrs, likeness 2800 USD at that point, sitting in one’s record in any case the application will doubtlessly not be conceded.

While considering the compensation scales in the country, that is a strong sum to simply have lounging around, for the adolescent as well as for most Ethiopians. In a landmass with 54 nations with normal populace age running somewhere in the range of 15 and 22 years, we ought to be empowering youth to move around in the mainland, and not build up obstacles to hinder that.

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