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New information heard from Alamata and Humera

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Proclamation of the Oromia Regional State And Dr. Sileshi was granted. Every day Ethiopian News on July 15, 2021, Mereja Today. Among a few, we were disallowed from showing numerous instructive projects for which we had fostered an educational plan, and we were additionally requested to close offices that could draw in numerous understudies.

As a business, we need to open and extend our administrations to get benefits. In doing as such, we should open new divisions and projects. We were known for our legitimacy in our projects and wandering into new wildernesses of instruction into which others were reluctant to join. You can take, for example, the news coverage program. Regardless of previously dispatching the projects and instructing numerous understudies, we had to stop.

For example, I can make reference to the Online Education Program. Despite the fact that this program had a colossal potential to create unfamiliar cash, it was halted by the request for the Ministry of Education. Then, at that point, they likewise halted the graduate school, instructional method and proceeded to different projects, making things seriously testing. Such measures are taken by the public authority affected and decreased the quantity of recently enlisted understudies. While we had to stop a portion of the projects, it was apparent that different colleges were allowed an option to graduate understudies with similar projects we are precluded to educate.

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