New short funny movie “30 thousand”

Ethiopian cinema, like the rest of Ethiopia’s film industry, is a relatively new phenomena. The Ethiopian film industry has faced a variety of challenges that have prevented it from growing to its full potential. Ethiopians like live theater despite the fact that very few of them are well-known actors. In the 2000s, when Ethiopia started to become a more modern country, amharic was first utilized in films, however the growth of these works has been impeded by copyright infringement and piracy. This decreased in the early 2010s as a result of the government’s participation and the adoption of policies. Ethiopian film production still lacks adequate financing and skill despite recent advancements, in contrast to premieres in other nations. Ethiopian cinema debuted three years after the first motion picture was screened on December 25, 1895. Growth has considerably decreased as a result of the social turmoil. Since the 1970s, Ethiopia’s film industry has primarily concentrated on historical and documentary films with significant cultural, religious, and national origins as a result of government pressure. A Frenchman brought the first film-related goods to Ethiopia in 1898, and Italian minister Federico Ciccodicola later purchased them at the 2003 Annales d’Ethiopia. Then, Ciccodicola presented a gift to Emperor Menelik II.

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