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New video of famous actress Addisalem Getaneh

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Addisalem Getaneh is a gifted Ethiopian entertainer who has graced in excess of twenty motion pictures in her transporter up until now.

The Importance of Ethiopias Internal Strength in Using the Nile River – Jawar Mohammed

For Ethiopia, there is one conflict that won’t be lamented, regardless of whether the blood of its kids is forfeited, it is the fight to defeat the well established obstruction of the Nile River in Egypt. In excess of 90% of the Nile water, and in excess of 96% of the dirt moved by the stream, begun in Ethiopia.

Nonetheless, our entitlement to utilize the stream has been over and again tested in Egypt. While a huge number of Ethiopians are starving, Egypt keeps on utilizing the Nile everywhere for a considerable lot of its undertakings. After a seemingly endless amount of time after year, because of absence of specialized, monetary, and more decided administration, Ethiopian ranchers have been moving their rich soil to Egypt. Accordingly, Egypt’s utilization of the Nile River, which has been the subject of such a lot of unfairness, has been the reason for profound public displeasure and disdain.

In this way, for public help, war dangers against Egypt over the option to utilize the Nile River were a typical type of promulgation executed by progressive Ethiopian rulers. PM Meles Zenawi has likewise pushed for this. Yet, how can it be that none of the Ethiopian chiefs can follow through on their guarantee to utilize the Nile when there is such a lot of interest and public help? War is a typical method of settling clashes over regular assets. It has been said commonly that Ethiopia has chosen to diminish the quality and size of the Nile River, which could prompt conflict among Egypt and Ethiopia. In any case, there were solid trades of words, yet none of them underscored battle as an alternative. In a new meeting with Reuters, Meles said: “I’m not apprehensive that the Egyptians will unexpectedly attack Ethiopia. Nobody has at any point attempted. I don’t figure the Egyptians will be unique, I think they realize that.”

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