Neway and Tamagn remembering their good times

Neway Debebe is a singer and composer from Ethiopia. Neway rose to prominence after releasing his first debut album with a local band named the Roha Band in the 1970s, which was recorded by the Tango Music shop. Neway went on to record more than five studio albums after that. Neway Debebe was born in Hamer Bako, Ethiopia, and reared in various parts of the country. Asella, Awasa, and Wolaita Sodo were his residences. Neway’s love of music began when he was in high school. He went to Asella’s Ras Andarge High School. Neway’s professors helped him build a foundation for his love of music in a variety of ways. As a result, Neway was a standout performer in the high school band. Neway’s first album, Maebel Naw, was published in the 1970s and featured hit songs including “Eshet Belahugn,” “Yetikimit Abeba,” and “Egnaw Enitarek.” Neway has six studio albums to her credit, as well as collaborations with other artists on various albums. His paintings have earned him tremendous acclaim from a diverse audience.
Neway has been described as having a “silky voice.” For himself and his many professional partners, including Tilahun Gessesse, he composes melody and lyrics. Neway’s music ranges from traditional Ethiopian beats, rumba, reggae, or garage, big band or Ethno-Jazz, calypso, and Afro-pop to large band or Ethno-Jazz. Neway became extremely popular outside of Ethiopia as a result of this.

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