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Sudan assaulted land that is significant for Ethiopia’s locale. In its powerless immediate, the Sudanese Army destroyed Ethiopian definitive associations, outperformed military camps, executed and evacuated inhabitants, and wrecked their yields and property. Sudan acted in conspicuous encroachment of overall law against the usage of force and the cutoff re-limit game plans.

The breaking point among Ethiopia and Sudan was delimited by the 1902 Treaty supported between Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia and Great Britain, the then Colonial power of Sudan. The announcement by some Sudanese specialists that Ethiopia isn’t enduring the line layout under the 1902 plan is unwarranted.

While the Joint Commission containing Ethiopian and British representatives expected to isolate the breaking point line as envisioned under the 1902 Treaty, in 1903 a British assessor, Major Wynn, uniquely separated the cutoff. The Surveyor acted without Ethiopia’s representatives and without the endorsement of the Ethiopian Government. Likewise, Major Wynn overlooked the 1902 Treaty and made discretionary acclimation to the arrangement line. Therefore, the Ethiopian Government excused Major Gwyn’s division.

After Sudan procured its self-sufficiency in 1956, Ethiopia and Sudan drove the plan of advice on the matter and accepted the 1972 Exchange of Notes. On this Exchange of Notes, Ethiopia and Sudan assented to re-separate the cutoff. They furthermore agreed to use Major Wynn’s framework as a justification the joint work of re-division. Plainly, Major Wynn himself anticipated that his work of division should be a justification future dealings between the two Governments.

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