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News update about the situation in Chilga

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Abiy Ahmed, Eritrean News Amhara News, Oromo News, Tigray News, Amhara Region Government. Heights in this woreda range somewhere in the range of 1000 and 1500 meters above ocean level. Streams incorporate the Atbarah. An overview of the land in this woreda shows that 21.7% is arable or cultivable, 1.9% field, 22.3% backwoods or shrubland, and the excess 54.1% are considered debased or other. This review covered a greater amount of the woreda than the example specification performed by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) in 2001. In light of the 2007 public evaluation directed by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), this woreda has a complete populace of 221,462, an expansion of 33.34% over the 1994 registration, of whom 112,054 are men and 109,408 ladies; 20,745 or 9.37% are metropolitan occupants.

One prominent milestone in this woreda is the archeological site at Chilga Kernet, which was explored in 2002 as a feature of the Blue Nile Basin Survey Project. The outside of the site was accounted for to be “covered with a few thousand hand tomahawks and other intensely endured basalt carries out”. A primer study drove the specialists to theorize that a significant part of the slope is underlain by a layer of Acheulean ancient rarities of around 2 hectares in size. A program was declared in 2008, which would burn through 3,000,000 Birr on the development of new wellbeing stations, at which time there were 45 wellbeing posts and two wellbeing stations in Chilga, giving wellbeing inclusion to 88% of the woreda.

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