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Nigist Fikre birthday video

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A couple of months prior, the city of Ataye, which was assaulted, was loaded up with consumed and annihilated houses. The city, when a flourishing business center, is presently in a territory of disrepair.Hundreds of inhabitants were killed in the assault; It has made many escape their homes and towns.

Albeit numerous urban communities are planning for Ethiopia’s 6th public political decision, Attaye, who didn’t take an interest because of safety concerns, is one of the spaces where the political race has been extended.BBC Africa journalist Katherine Biruhaga as of late visited Attaye to survey the circumstance nearby. They likewise educated her regarding their torment.

Throughout the long term, homes and organizations have been torched for quite a long time in the city of Ataye. The city was crushed surprisingly fast. Local people didn’t recuperate. Structures seen as they entered the city were obliterated, consumed, or plundered. A few local people are battling to make a decent living.

Jawaharlal Nehru, 34, has gotten back to the coffee bar. The tin shop changed shading because of a fire in April. The little shop was torched in an assault in April, yet is as yet being redesigned somewhat. We were here when our shop was ablaze. The fire began some place and it came to us. At the point when it contacted us, we attempted to smother it by eliminating it from the tap.

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