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Nor Show with dancer Beza and actor Tewedaj

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Nor show couples release, meet with the youthful couple artist Beza and entertainer Tewedaj Bekuma. Ethiocolor most Fridays at the Fendika Azmari Bet, a little club possessed by the head of the band, the fluctuating artist of unassuming attitude, Melaku Belay. Intensified krar, masenqo fiddle, percussion, and electric bass electrify the notches for the artists and the regular episodes of eye-popping body-flying from Melaku.

He brought himself up from a vagrant road kid in Addis Ababa to turn into Ethiopia’s most globally prestigious artist, occupied with joint efforts (visits with Dutch post-punkers The Ex and Ethiopian saxophone goliath Getatchew Mekuria), solo exhibitions, and studios all throughout the planet.

while at home he runs the club and supports a school for road kids. In Ethiocolor he has assembled a devoted group of performers to bring the hints of a Friday night at the Fendika club to the world stage. Selam Sounds are delivering the introduction collection of Ethiocolor, which is created by the Swedish artist/maker Andreas Unge.

The collection is recorded in Selam’s studio in Addis Abeba. For more data in regards to the delivery, you can discover more from Selam’s remain at the Womex exchange toll, Swedish at Womex Stand no 1:60!

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