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There are undoubtedly many distinctions between a wife and a girlfriend, a topic that will be covered in this article. The main distinction between a wife and a girlfriend is that a wife is a person who is legally wed, whereas a girlfriend may be a friend but is not wed. When a girlfriend decides to leave a man’s life, there are no legal requirements that must be met; however, in the case of a wife, since the marriage has already taken place on a legal basis, the separation must also be legal. In a marriage, a wife is the female partner. The wife’s responsibilities and rights regarding her husband or spouse and others, as well as her standing before the law and in the community, differ between cultures and have changed over time. The term “wife” conjures up images of a woman who is married both during and after her marriage, whereas the bride is the female participant in a wedding ceremony. The male partner is referred to as the bridegroom, and at the wedding, he becomes the female partner’s husband (wife). A wife is a member of the family and is entitled to make decisions and take part in all activities. A girlfriend is not permitted to participate in family matters. Legal relatives have the right to prohibit the girlfriend from attending her boyfriend’s funeral. When the boyfriend passes away, the girlfriend is not allowed to make medical decisions or be eligible for any social security. The term “girlfriend” can be used to describe a female partner in a non-marital sexual or romantic relationship as well as a close female friend who is not romantically involved. There are no obligations placed on either party in a relationship between two people, such as caring for her or him or the kids, etc.

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