“Now I am ready for a relationship….”Singer Mulualem on Seifu EBS

Nothing like it had ever happened to me before. Orders poured in as soon as our product was out, and within days, we were featured in some of the leading tech publications. It appeared to have no end. However, a short while later, the media stopped calling, and there were problems fulfilling consumer orders. The romance had ended. Those are the challenging times when negative thoughts begin to rule. You begin to doubt yourself. Am I up to par? Will this business be successful? I don’t know what I’m doing. What will occur if I fail? Most people tend to collapse during a slump. After the thrill of early accomplishment comes a time of suffering. a period of time during which there is no sign of relief. But if you make it through the downhill, you’ll emerge from it stronger than you could have ever imagined. It’s a major deal. Permit yourself to experience the slump. Avoid attempting to combat it or improve your mood by merely stifling your unpleasant emotions. Accept where you are right now without passing judgment or expecting anything different from how things are. A path to letting go of unfavorable attitudes and actions and learning fresh coping mechanisms for stress is meditation. When things go awry, a regular meditation practice can help you maintain your composure and broaden your awareness. It’s not necessary for skepticism and doubt to paralyze people. Instead, a healthy dosage of skepticism encourages us to repeatedly examine and justify our beliefs, ideas, and decisions. It serves as a gut check to assist you confirm that you are on the right path.

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