Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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OLF Unexpected Statement

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How the previous convention was accounted for by the American media. The congressperson was adulated. As of late, Ethiopia is encountering shameful pressing factors from some unfamiliar forces that have never viewed as the target real factors in the country. A huge number of demonstrators today in the capital interest unfamiliar hands-off from Ethiopia and the U.S. organization to reevaluate the forced authorizations on Ethiopia.

The dissenters were calling for unfamiliar forces to quit intruding in Ethiopia’s homegrown issues conveying trademarks, for example, “Our Voice for Our Freedom and Sovereignty.” Asres Tefera, who took part in the convention, disclosed to ENA that she denounced the interfering of unfamiliar forces in Ethiopia’s inner issue. “Today I came to reprove the unfamiliar obstruction in the inside issues of our country and represent honor and love with my country,” she said.

The U.S choice to force sanctions on Ethiopia has never contemplated real factors in Ethiopia and she encouraged to deny the choice as the two nations appreciating long-standing reciprocal relations. She further said “we need to communicate our voice to the U.S. organization to switch its choice. We Ethiopians need to have solid strategy with all individuals of the world, particularly with the US. The current U.S. organization ought to reexamine its stands on Ethiopia.” Tekeste Ayalew on his part said interruption in the interior undertakings of a sovereign nation is absolutely unsatisfactory in the 21st century.

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