On the second day I was already in love

Depending on how you define love, it can take you a while to fall in love. According to science, falling in love may take some time, and what you originally think may not be what you actually feel. Each person may have a different experience when they fall in love. Anytime you feel something, it’s true and valid. Though it might not fit the definition of enduring romantic love as defined by science and relationship specialists. You probably need to know if you enjoy being together, share the same values and interests, and are attracted to one another in order to fall in love. To truly love someone, you must be able to embrace both their positive and negative traits and be able to overcome obstacles as a team. Depending on how much time you spend with that individual, you may fall in love. If both of you are attracted to one other and optimistic about the developing relationship, the more time you spend with someone, the more quickly you will fall in love with them. Being in love with someone is not the same as actually loving them for who they are. People can grow distant as you start to realise their negative traits. This is the feeling of true love, which takes time to develop and many seasons to maintain and evolve: loving someone unconditionally. Although the word “love” is frequently used, it refers to more than just a happy or fluttering heart. Love is a way of being and a feeling.

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