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One Ethiopia festival in Silver spring, Mary land

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Ethiopian Festival in Silver Spring Maryland called One Ethiopia. According to Meaza, living with such an insignificant salary is challenging for her and her colleagues. She says that the cost of living in a big city has become unbearable especially with a two-layered economic crisis due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the worsening security situation in the country. “I live with two other colleagues of mine.

Since our home is far and we walk there, we have to leave the park as early as 5:30 PM,” she continued explaining the reasons behind such difficulties, “If we use any means of transportation our salary will not hold us until the end of the month.” She further added that there are companies that provide free transportation for their employees but not the company she works for.

Meaza remains hopeful about the prospects of her future. She told Addis Standard that she wanted to bring her son to Hawassa and enroll him in school and to continue her studies as well. But she says all that can be done when her monthly income improves. Embet is a former worker at one of the companies operating a factory in Hawassa Industrial Park. She left university and went back to Hawassa for work where she is a supervisor-level employee at the park.

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