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We’ve studied love, joy, peace, patience, compassion, and goodness as we continue our exploration of the fruit of the Spirit. How are you doing? How are you fostering these in your life in collaboration with the Holy Spirit?
Before we discuss faithfulness, I want to thank you all for your encouragement and support of Nate Ryan’s sermon last Sunday. Prior to my Sunday sermon in Maine, I received texts and emails from people praising him for a job well done. Throughout the week, including at the picnic to mark the conclusion of VBS, I also heard further compliments. I discovered something during my Bible study on the subject of faithfulness that I had not before observed. When that occurs, it’s always cool. The term “faithfulness” appears four times in the Book of Proverbs of my Bible, and each time it does, it is coupled with the word “loyalty.” I realized there was a story that seemed to touch on all those various facets of commitment and loyalty when I thought about those four passages. The Bible tells a story about King David and his family during a time when loyalty and faithfulness were lacking in his family but were discovered in an unexpected person. At that time, when someone made a terrible mistake by planning evil, the king and his throne were saved thanks to the loyalty and faithfulness of an unknown person.

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