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One persons story this is like a confession to me

Losing someone you care about is the most difficult thing you can go through. It’s a type of discomfort that you can feel all over your body. It’s the worst type of agony. To make matters worse, it appears that no one else understands how you feel. People come around you in the first few weeks and months to cry with you, listen to your stories, bring you food, check in on you frequently, and assist you with all the tiny things you can’t bring yourself to think about. However, the crowd thins out after roughly three months. People appear to return to their normal routines and expect you to do the same. Then comes the actual, genuine agony. You recognize that you must continue to do so. Surviving the first anniversary of all of those events was only the start, and you have to keep moving in some way. As a result, no one can teach you how to cope with your loss. Allow no one to tell you when it’s time to get rid of your loved one’s belongings, when it’s time to stop sobbing, or when it’s time to stop visiting the cemetery. You must determine when you are ready to make changes for yourself. You are the owner of your sorrow. It is a method of recognizing who they are in your life and what you have lost every time you mourn for them.

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