Opening ceremony of Yared Negu’s new restaurant

More and more musicians are joining live chat platforms like YouNow to interact with fans, sometimes even releasing brand-new music or inviting viewers to watch them jam. This is the ideal way to interact with fans on a personal level when combined with a competition, crowdfunding platform, or even just a straightforward social media announcement. Since most people have an innate curiosity about the artists they are interested in, your social media channels should regularly feature promotions for your work. Consider all the celebrity paparazzi photos that are the main focus of gossip websites or Twitter accounts. Now, I’m not saying you should alert the paparazzi every time you head to Whole Foods, but I am advocating that you occasionally give your fans a moderate and appropriate glimpse into your private life. As an early adopter of vlogs, Vine, and Instagram clips, Ariana Grande, for instance, was able to build up a sizable fanbase before her breakthrough single, “The Way.” Spend some time making a video in your living room, studio, or while traveling. You can even talk about a funny incident that occurred while you were traveling or at a concert; it doesn’t even have to be about music. Have fun and show your face to the crowd. It’s possible that if you perform too frequently in one location, the fervor of your local fans to see you will start to wane. While you should always make sure to evenly space out your live performances, try to schedule some smaller-scale performances in between, such as a house concert. Being in close proximity to your fans will make the performances feel more intimate, which will further solidify your relationship with them.

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