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Oromia Special Forces commit an unexpected tragedy

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The assignment drove by the State Minister of Ministry, Simegn Wubie benchmarked the best acts of the Sadiola Gold Mine regarding industry-local area linkage, infrastructural improvement and natural insurance, and other social duty-related exercises.

Individuals from the assignment visited mining locales, gold handling plants, study, and examination office Sadiola Gold Mine Company, and the medical services organization that the organization worked for local area use.

In the event, the state serves enlightened worldwide media concerning the possibilities of Ethiopia in the mining area and regions in which her nation will work as a team with Sadiola Gold Mine.

It is discovered that the assignment of the service has acquired critical exercises from Sadiola Gold Mine on the best way to appropriately complete social duty exercises and attempt powerful natural security works in accordance with guaranteeing the advantages of the local area in mining.

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