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our baby is a gift from God

Caring for children can be exhausting. It’s easy to miss out on the daily delights of a childhood unfolding before your eyes, family life, and the legacy that you have the privilege of passing down to your children if we don’t find a suitable balance between caring for our families and investing in our own self-care. Thankfully, God’s word is a constant source of truth for us to return to when we need it. God’s word reminds us of what is most important in our life. It draws our attention to the good and beautiful in the world, and our children are one of the most precious blessings we have. Recently, I discovered that the enchantment of my children’s childhoods was no longer apparent to me in my own parenting. I spent the day finishing one assignment after which I swiftly moved on to the next. Because my mind was constantly occupied by chores, to-do lists, and concern, I was unable to find joy in mothering. God has started to re-establish my faith in the life-giving fact that the time I spend with my children is a blessing. Their stupid guffaws should spread like wildfire! I can be productive, but I also need to take time to be present along the road. I’ve discovered that when I switch my viewpoint as a Mom from one of aggravation to one of appreciation, I’m able to spend my days more joyously.

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