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our baby survived the unthinkable

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An subterranean earthquake, in which one ocean plate moves beneath another, caused the devastation. The Indian and Australian tectonic plates, which make up a 900-mile fault line, were involved in this case. The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 9.1 and was thus one of the strongest ever recorded, generated a tsunami by quickly raising the ocean bottom by 40 meters. 200,000 people had died by the time the tsunami ended, which was eight hours later. The tsunami is still the deadliest in recorded history.
The Impossible depicts the moment the tsunami hit Thailan, the second area hit after Sumatra, which was slammed first and murdered around 100,000 people in an instant. Belón and Alvárez stayed at the Orchid Resort Hotel in Thailand for Christmas in 2004. The family was at the hotel pool when the tsunami hit, just like in the movie. Belón was observing her three children as they engaged in play with their father. “I was facing the water when I noticed a massive black wall,” she explained. “I didn’t think it was the sea,” says the narrator. It looked like a black wall was closing in on us.” After then, the hotel was submerged.
Belón was able to keep her eldest kid close, and the two of them emerged from the waters clinging to a tree. A native Thai man then brought her to safety. Her husband and two more sons, she was confident, had been murdered.

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