Our first music choice is “Ewedishalehu”

The ability of music to cut across cultural differences and reach the core of people’s emotions has led to it being referred to as the “universal language of love.” It has the ability to convey emotions and experiences that words alone are unable to convey. Music has the power to kindle passion, foster connection, and evoke powerful emotions in individuals all across the world. It may do this through everything from calming melodies to energising beats. Music has a special capacity for arousing nostalgia and bringing back memories, frequently of times of love and romance. A certain music might take us back to a specific moment in our lives or a beloved memory, conjuring up images of a special person or occasion. It serves as a time capsule, keeping the feelings and encounters we connect with love so we can relive them whenever we choose. In addition, music has the ability to forge ties and unite individuals. Regardless of their backgrounds or views, it acts as a connecting point for people. Music brings people together and generates a sense of shared experience, whether it’s listening to favourite tunes, dancing at a party, or simply going to a performance. It enables individuals to communicate their feelings and form close, emotional bonds with others, breaking down barriers of language and culture. Music acts as a heart’s messenger in the world of love. It expresses feelings that are difficult for words to fully express. We resort to music to speak for us when we are unable to find the perfect words to express our affection.

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