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Our love is keeping us strong

Cultures and individuals are shaped by mother love. While most women recognize the importance of their love and emotional availability for their children’s well-being, many of us are unaware of the enormous and long-term impact we have on developing our young children’s brains, teaching them first lessons in love, and forming their consciences… Hunter challenges women to come home — to their children, their best selves, their hearts — at a time when society encourages women to find their worth and personal pleasure in things that take them away from their families and intimate ties. You and I both need to be willing to go inside our own experiences to see if our mother’s relationship has affected us in any way. We can start on that path by just being willing to look into our hearts and gain a greater understanding of ourselves. Professional counseling could be an important component of the process as well.
“What is there in your children’s attitude toward you that you wish was different?” Laura Ingalls Wilder said. Examine your own heart to see if your relationship with your mother could be better. Whether or whether your mother is still alive, this is critical. Our mother’s relationships have a significant impact on us.

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